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2023 Competition Winners



Gents Competitions


K McKail

(Runner Up A Ramsay)

Scottish Pairs

K McKail & A King

(Runners Up S Lawrie & R Divine)

Scottish Triples

K McKail, A King & P Jeromson

(Runners Up J Hardman, G Ward & S Christie)

Rink Medal

K McKail, S Lawrie, G Abercrombie & I Barclay

(Runners Up L Kilgallon, S Robertson, J Hardman & W Wallace)

President's Handicap


(Runner Up TBC)

Two Bowl Singles

A King

(Runner Up P Jeromson)


Ladies Competitions


I Duffus

(Runner Up L Crichton)

Scottish Pairs

M Finnie & P Ward

(Runners Up L Crichton & A Mclelland)

Scottish Triples

J Fyfe, P Ward & D Graham

(Runners Up L Crichton, A Mclelland & J Crichton)

Scottish Fours

D McGeachie, M Finnie, M Swanson & W Healy

(Runners Up L Crichton, A Mclelland, J Crichton & S Nisbet) 

President's Cup

M Swanson

(Runner Up A Ramsay)

Two Bowl Singles

M Swanson

(Runner Up L Crichton)

Two Bowl Pairs

W Healy & A Mclelland

(Runners Up J Crichton & J Thomson)



Senior Competitions



G Ward

(Runner Up T Abercrombie)


I Brown & I Stewart

(Runners Up G Czemartin & B Mclelland)


R Divine, I Stewart & L Hildersley

(Runners Up I Brown, G Czemartin & W Wallace)


S Christie, G Ward, N Nisbet & T Abercrombie

(Runners Up I Stewart, G Czemartin, N Bell & B Mclelland)


Mixed and Balloted Competitions

Mixed Pairs

D Graham & A King

(Runners Up A Mclelland & L Kilgallon)

Balloted Pairs

A King & D Ramsay

(Runners Up K McKail & R Marrins)

Balloted Triples

S Lawrie, P Ward & M Finnie

(Runners Up S Ramsay, J Thomson & S Kelly)

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